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If you are looking for a reliable service to send mass SMS messages quickly, our online platform, VavaSms, is the ideal solution. This sending platform is powerful and able to handle very large quantities of SMS messages.

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Easily import your contact lists from an Excel, CSV or TXT file.


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The difference of Vavasms

The performance of a solution depends above all on its foundation, which is why we have developed our own messaging platform.

SMS Marketing

Simple and quick to set up, an SMS campaign allows you to reach all your customers at once with the highest ROI.

Automatic SMS

Don't miss any more recurring events, schedule birthday SMS messages, alerts etc. Set the information you want to send.

SMS Answer

In one click, allow your recipients to reply to your messages and process these answers automatically.

SMS par Internet

With the SMS Gateway, discover how to increase the possibilities offered by sending SMS over Internet

Loading contacts. Simplify the management of your data.

You can load your contact lists in different formats (.xls .csv, .txt) very easily via our online platform. You can send up to 50,000 messages in one click! Whatever your need, our platform can answer it!

Chargement de contacts.  Simplifiez la gestion de vos données.
Contacts, groupes & personnalisation Transformez votre communication.

Contacts, groups & personalization Transform your communication.

Creating contact groups saves your time and allows you to select contact lists very quickly. You can create groups according to the type of messages sent or a geographical area. You can also customize messages, using our direct mail feature, and add the recipient's name or customer number.

Message programming. Send in complete flexibility.

With message scheduling, you can schedule all your SMS messages (appointment reminders, discounts and alerts) to ensure that your messages will be sent on a specific date and time. This is especially ideal for messages you want to send outside of office hours.

Programmation de messages. Envoyez en toute flexibilité
Campagnes de marque

Brand campaigns

Use personalized sender IDs in all your global SMS campaigns. Send branded campaigns around the world with our connectivity.


Join thousands of satisfied developers who have discovered how easy it is to integrate our SMS API into their website, application, software or CRM application


Smarter, faster, better

Optimize your SMS communications with unparalleled deliverability and speed, anywhere in the world and in Africa.

Optimize your SMS communications with unparalleled deliverability and speed, anywhere in the world and in Africa.
  • Get the best connectivity

    Our platform achieves one of the highest and fastest delivery rates in the industry, thanks to our internal telecommunications network.

  • Abandon unreliable routes

    Your SMS message will always follow the fastest route. Our SmartRouting engine instantly finds the best route for each message.

  • Stop global message delays

    Reach your customers all over the world. We are directly connected to more than 220 international operators.

  • Conduct data-driven campaigns

    Trust more than your intuition. Develop data-driven communication strategies using our powerful reporting tools. Generate custom reports that contain detailed information in our dashboard or in your own ecosystem.

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